Live Review: Lyndsey Craig, The Hecklers and Ryan Morcombe @ Teviot Underground 19/03/15

Words: The Captain It’s a Thursday evening, it’s just past 9:15 and I’m at Teviot Underground for another one of the fabulous weekly FREE gigs. First, we are treated to the wonderful Ryan Morcombe. The stage may be small, and he may be on his own, but he takes the stage and owns it. His vocals are strong and his guitar playing impeccable. With a harmonica thrown into the mix, his music is a mixture of country mixed with a wee bit of rock and roll. Favourite Track: “Help Me Pull Through” Twitter: Soundcloud: rm Next come The Hecklers, who hail from Linlithgow. These guys rock the stage and the crowd seem to love them. Everyone is on their feet and dancing along to their sweet tunes. I can feel my own feet tapping of their own accord. These guys are definitely something to keep your eyes and ears open for. Their music is upbeat, it’s rocky, it’s jazzy, to put it simply, it’s fucking brilliant. Favourite Track: Brand New Twitter: Soundcloud: th Last, but certainly not least, the beautiful Lyndsey Craig takes to the stage. This is the first time I’ve heard her live with a full band, so I’m certainly excited. Within the first 5 seconds of the first song, I am not disappointed. The band is tight and everything fits together perfectly. The crowd is happy, the band is rocking away and Lyndsey’s beautiful vocals make it an amazing experience. About half-way through her set, the band leave the stage for a wee bit and Lyndsey plays solo. Her voice really comes out in the song “Kids” and it’s simply exquisite. At the request of the crowd, she sings “Blue Jays” the first single she released last year. The crowd go wild for this, singing along and dancing. The band then re-join her to play the last song of the night “Dynamite”, the new single being released tonight. You can buy “Dynamite” here: Twitter: lc lc2 Thursdays at Teviot Underground only have 2 shows left until they finish up foe the summer! TONIGHT: 26/03/15 —> Cousin Kenny w/ Annie Booth (Band), The Mirco Band and Unkeepable NEXT WEEK: 02/04/15 —> The Warehouse Announcement w/ Ordinary Son and Robert, Knox and Wize

Live Review: SeaOfCrowns, Little Kingdom and Edgar. @ The Electric Circus 12/02/15

Words: The Captain

It’s a chilly Thursday evening and I’m at another gig, armed with a notepad, pen and a pint of coke. First up are Edgar., a three piece hardcore pop band from Preswick (near Glasgow). They are an up-beat trio of awesomeness, with amazing stage presence. Lead singer/keyboardist Stuart greets everyone with a “Hi everybody!” (please read that bit in the voice of “Dr. Nick” from The Simpsons because that’s EXACTLY how it sounded). It’s the kind of music that makes your feet tap of their own accord and you have the urge to jump about and dance like there’s no tomorrow. One song that particularly caught my eye (or rather my ears) was “Saturday”, a lovely mix of a slow and soft, to loud and hard (get your minds out of the gutter people!).  They finish their set with “Marzipan” and as Stuart tells us it “features a section where you can dance and a section where you can kick the shit out of each other, to prepare you for SeaOfCrowns”. Each song grabs my attention and they are definitely a band to look out for.


Next up are Little Kingdom, a folk/pop band from Edinburgh. They grab the attention of my ears immediately, as I grew up with folk music all around me and play folk music myself. The mix of electric guitar with fiddle, acoustic guitar with keys, drums and bass is music to my ears.  The fact that they had free cake was pretty cool too. Kudos to the cake maker! It was very yummy! But, of course, this isn’t a review of how nice the cake was, but how great their music was. Their single “Yesteryear” (the artwork of which also featured on the cake) is simply amazing. Think traditional folk music crossed with modern pop music, with a wee bit of jazz thrown into the mix.
You can hear it here:


Now, SeaOfCrowns, the headliners we’ve been waiting for, take to the stage. At this point, the venue is quite packed full of people eager to hear what they have to offer us. We are not disappointed. They are a perfectly put together, tight knit band. With heavy riffs and awesomely loud vocals, the boys power through their brilliantly thought out set. One song, which I unfortunately didn’t catch the name of, started off a little bit softer than the others, which made me smile. It’s like someone letting their guard down for one moment, taking away the hard shell, to show the soft side to them, like a Wagon Wheel biscuit.

You can listen to, and watch the video for their song “We’ll All Learn” here:

Live Review: Universal Thee, Colour Trap and Joe Allan @ Teviot Underground 15/01/15

Words: The Captain

It’s a Thursday night in Edinburgh and the weather, quite frankly, is naff, so what better place to be than indoors at a free, yes FREE gig? This is my first gig of 2015, so I’m very excited. It’s also the first gig of 2015 for Thursday’s at Teviot Underground. This week 3 acts are to grace our presence and it’s going to be awesome!

First up is Joe Allan, a Journalism student in Edinburgh and originally from Newcastle. He introduces himself quickly (“I’m Joe and I’m going to play some songs”) and then he begins. I am immediately struck by how he, on his own, makes the stage his and I am mesmerised by his voice. It is soft, with has a certain edge to it. This combined with soft and melodic string plucking of his guitar is simply beautiful, hauntingly beautiful even. When you close your eyes, the music and lyrics swim around you softly, dreamlike. His E.P “The City Ate My Brains” is available on Bandcamp for free.
Favourite track: “Youngster”.

Next come Colour Trap, a local band. They seem to have a good mix of many genres (rock, indie, psychedelic) and they remind me a wee of R.E.M, a band I was brought up listening to and whose music lifts my mood up (note to the CT guys, this means your music is awesome too!). Whilst introducing themselves, they comment on the weather (how very British!), with the words “you’ll be able to see yer nipples by the end of it”. (10/10 for comedy value guys!). They have a great stage presence and are definitely worth seeing!
Favourite Track: “All My Friends”.


Now… UNIVERSAL THEE, one of my favourite Edinburgh bands. This is the first time I have seen them with their new drummer and the first time I have heard their new material live. I am not disappointed. Every song is executed perfectly. The have that awesome indie/rock mix. They are loud. They are fun. They are awesome. They introduce each song, which is good and indeed makes us remember them more. If you want to see them live soon, they are playing a number of dates over the next couple of months:
07.02.15 – Kitty O’Shea’s, Glasgow
13.02.15 – Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
26.03.15 – Monty’s, Dunfermline
27.03.15 – Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow
28.03.15 – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh
04.04.15 – The Green Room, Perth
Favourite Track: “Tiger Tiger”.

A Badge of Friendship:

Thursday’s at Teviot Underground is EVERY Thursday, it’s ALWAYS free and doors are at 9pm.
Below are the next few dates:
January 22nd: Aperture w/ The Draynes and Let Love Rule
January 29th: The Rich w/ The Indos and Peacock Massive!
February 5th: The Vibe w/ Ayakara and Calum Baird February
12th: Academy Strangers w/ Distant Sun (more tba)
February 19th: Logan’s Close w/ Soufon Fang and Rhythm Beats Workin’
February 26th: GoodCopGreatCop w/ Earths and Monsters on Movie Posters




Live Review: We Came From The North, A Sudden Burst of Colour, Glacier @ Opium, Edinburgh (14/11/14)

Words: The Captain

It’s another Friday night and I’m back in Opium to help celebrate the release of We Came From The North’s new E.P “Low Sun, Long Shadow”. These guys are one of my favourite bands from Edinburgh and I’m very excited to hear their new material.

Before we get to hear that though, we get to hear the two awesome support bands, the first of which is Glacier, a three-piece post metal band from Edinburgh. Their music is slow and quite melodic and they start off with a beautiful intro track, combined with a slow drum beat and strumming of the guitar strings. As it’s instrumental, there are no vocals, but this is something that I like as it lets your imagination run a bit wilder as you can imagine yourself what the song is about, rather than having someone tell you. They are releasing an album in February named “The Possibility of Structure”, something that I will definitely be checking out!

Next come A Sudden Burst of Colour, a four-piece instrumental rock band from Motherwell. This is there first time here and they certainly make a good impression. The music is loud. The music is amazing. The music is fast. The music is footstompingly good (if that wasn’t a word before, it is now).
Songs flow into one another and it is certainly something I could never get bored of listening to. The sound they produce makes you feel something simply wonderful inside.
They are working on a new E.P, which will be produced, engineered, mixed and released by the band themselves.

Now… WE CAME FROM THE NORTH… *gets pom poms out*. These guys are a four-piece Instrumental Post Rock band from Edinburgh.
Before they get started Iain (guitar) tells the audience to “make sure we have [our] seatbelts on”.  This makes me giggle. The band play an amazing set, exploding in metaphorical colour. Every song is perfect and whenever I close my eyes, I can feel the music surrounding me. Rather than just hitting me, it moves me, lifts me, makes me feel. With their music, there is no right or wrong way to “know” what a song means, it is simply beautifully, amazing music and if you haven’t seen them before, they NEED to be on your “bands to see list”. Perhaps you can make it one of your new year’s resolutions to see them in the new year?

You can get the new E.P from We Came From The North here:

Live Review: Let Love Rule w/ Redolent @ The Mash House, Edinburgh (07/11/14)


Through The Wire Music

Words: Leah Curtis.

It’s a Friday night and I’m in another venue that I’ve never been to before (getting lost on the way proves that). It’s a rather nice venue and after I get my glass of coke, I am “UV-ed up”. Why UV? You may ask. Well, this is Let Love Rule’s EP launch and UV Party, so they already have a bunch of cool points in my book for doing that.

Redolent (4-piece band from Edinburgh) take to the stage to get us in the mood and it certainly does the job. The band play an array of songs, all of which get the audience tapping their feet along to the beat. They seem very tight-knit as a band, by which I mean they all know what they are doing and when. For a band formed in 2013, they are doing extremely well and are definitely going on to bigger…

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Live Review: The Barr Brothers w/ Ella the Bird @ The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh (28/10/14)


Through The Wire Music

Words: Leah Curtis

It’s a Tuesday evening in Edinburgh and I’m hidden at the back of The Ballroom in The Voodoo Rooms, notebook and pen poised at the ready. It’s my first time in this venue, so I’m quite excited to see, or rather hear, what is going to hit my eardrums though the sound system I’m not used to. The set-up is rather nice, with a few tables at the front and a row of chairs. It’s comfortable and classy at the same time.

At just past 8pm, with the venue filling up, Ella the Bird (who played with The Barr Brothers last year in Glasgow) takes to the stage. She just clambers on, picks up her guitar and starts. In the audience, silence falls and no-one makes a sound as the music floats across the room. She starts off with a melodic tune, which is very ambient, on…

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Interview: Funeral For A Friend #standforsomething


Through The Wire Music

Interviewer: Leah Curtis.

On Saturday the 4th of October and down a cobbled street in Edinburgh lies Cabaret Voltaire and inside sit the members of Funeral for a Friend. I managed to catch up with lead Singer Matt before they took to the stage.

So, you’ve been a band for over a decade now, how do you feel that you’ve progressed through the industry?
Matt: Well, we’ve been on an independent label, we were then on a bigger independent label, we were then on a major label, we then went back to being really independent where we did our own record label (which was in hindsight probably wasn’t the best idea to do) and then we decided to jack that in and then sign to an indie label where we’ve been until now. But I mean we’ve progressed I think, we’ve become more in control of our own band and the business aspect of…

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Live Review: Inuit, Bianca, We Came From The North, In Mirrors @ Opium, Edinburgh 30/04/14

Words: The Captain

It’s a rainy Wednesday night and Opium is the place to be with four bands waiting to hit our ear drums with loud noises.

Shortly after the doors open, In Mirrors take to the stage. A slow ambient wave flows around the room, with an added touch of some very nice quiet vocals. Suddenly, it gets louder, quite unexpected, but nevertheless a good change. I like the fact they have a very talented female bassist, something I don’t see as often as I’d like. The change between very high and very low vocals gives a nice variation of what some bands of this genre do. With cymbal smashing and a wee awesome guitar solo, their set ends with the bassist adding some backing vocals and the wave slowing down again until it fades away. They have a YouTube, check it out here

Next, Bianca take to the stage. They are co-headlining the tour with Inuit, but they have chosen to go on second on this particular date. Before they even start, they introduce themselves, which is good, as some people may not have known about the change in the lineup. They have a beautifully strong start with pleasant vocals perfectly thrown into the mix. The first song is short, but sweet and gives an excellent example of what is yet to come. When they play a song called Sway, Darren Gibson (Inuit) tells me it’s their best song and I can immediately see why. A slow start with pretty beautiful vocals laced and intertwining around the music. You can find it on their bandcamp page here.

HOLD ONTO YOUR EARDRUMS! Now it’s time for the roof to be ripped off by local 4-piece instrumental rock band We Came From The North . Being a huge fan of instrumental music in general, these guys immediately catch my eye. They start off with somw wonderful drums and a strong bass. The mix of loud and quiet bits is something that leaves me with goosebumps (the good kind). They are very suited to the other bands, in particular, Inuit. They also make a point of introducing their merch girl who is waving copies of their album around. Good marketing guys! As they finish their set with one final song, the lights co-ordinate with the music, giving it even more power. Listen to them here

Now for Inuit, the 3-piece band from Glasgow caught my eye a few months back when they played in The Wee Red Bar (Edinburgh). There is a beautiful quote by Andy Johnson from a band called Windsor Airlift, which I think sums up how I feel about Inuit’s music.
“The beautiful thing about instrumental music is that we aren’t telling the listener how to feel, or what to think. But rather we’re letting them conjure up in their minds their own vision of what this song could mean to them.”
Inuit enable me to close my eyes and just feel the music rushing over and around me, filling the room. With a good use of some backing tracks, which just adds to the ambience. They enthral and captivate me. Their songs flow effortlessly into one another, which I feel gives them another bonus point. Towards the end of their set, a nice backing track arrives and they go for it one last time, before the music fades out and goes quiet. Inuit are, in my own opinion, one of the top 10 “new” (by this I mean not hit the “mainstream” yet) bands and they are worth everyone’s time. “The Staybright” is my current favourite song on their album. Listen to them here

I managed to snap a wee photo with the guys from Inuit after their set, pulling their best “duckface”.

You can see what the Inuit and Bianca boys got up to here:

Live Review: Young Kato, Pixel Fix, Indigo Velvet @ Electric Circus, Edinburgh 29/04/14


Through The Wire Music

Words: Leah Curtis.

It’s a nice, sunny Tuesday evening in Edinburgh and as I arrive at The Electric Circus, I am greeted by a queue of people. This surprised me as queues are quite unusual in Edinburgh. However, it somehow states the popularity of the line-up. Once the doors open, for the people to flood in, the venue seems quite full. My usual place at the bar has been taken, so I find a wee table at the back. There seems to be quite a buzz, and as Indigo Velvet take to the stage, I can see why. The local boys don’t give an intro, but it seems as if they don’t need one. The lead singer tries to get the crowd going and closer to the stage by saying “come on, come down, you’re gonna have a good time”. The first song gives a real kick and an idea…

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Live Review: Roy’s Iron DNA @ Opium, Edinburgh 26/04/14


Through The Wire Music

Words: Leah Curtis.

It’s a Saturday night in Edinburgh and I’m sitting in one of my favourite watering holes, “Opium”. There’s a small crowd of us sat/stood around waiting for the band to appear and dazzle us with their musical talent. At around 8:45 this happens. Roy’s Iron DNA get up and start. No introduction. This is good because an introduction would have spoilt their first piece, which is one of certain ambience. It’s quiet with a nice beat that isn’t too loud, yet also isn’t too soft. No drums yet, but two synths, a guitar and a bass supply everything our ear drums want and need. A few backing vocals are added into the cake mix of live music, which are then looped. They also do something that I personally love. They add in some samples of people talking (I assume it’s from a film of sorts) which gives…

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