Interview: Funeral For A Friend #standforsomething


Through The Wire Music

Interviewer: Leah Curtis.

On Saturday the 4th of October and down a cobbled street in Edinburgh lies Cabaret Voltaire and inside sit the members of Funeral for a Friend. I managed to catch up with lead Singer Matt before they took to the stage.

So, you’ve been a band for over a decade now, how do you feel that you’ve progressed through the industry?
Matt: Well, we’ve been on an independent label, we were then on a bigger independent label, we were then on a major label, we then went back to being really independent where we did our own record label (which was in hindsight probably wasn’t the best idea to do) and then we decided to jack that in and then sign to an indie label where we’ve been until now. But I mean we’ve progressed I think, we’ve become more in control of our own band and the business aspect of…

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