Stay For Tomorrow – Lipstick Lips

How is it almost the end of August already? That means it’s almost time to grab your jumpers and get ready for Pumpkin coffee season (even though I’m more of a caramel hot chocolate kinda gal). I also need to take down my Happy Birthday sign in the kitchen. If ever there was a time to reminisce about being a teen, it’s the year I … Continue reading Stay For Tomorrow – Lipstick Lips

SHY BAIRNS GET NOWT: Kites, Sarah Johnsone, Spilt Milk and Vennels

Oooooooh, another live review! It’s a very warm Thursday evening in August (the 11th to be exact), and I’ve toddled down to The Cluny for Newcastle’s lastest indie night, run by Shy Bairns Get Nowt. There’s already a great atmosphere, as when I arrive, everyone and their gran appears to be out enjoying the weather. I head straight in to grab myself a carbonated beverage … Continue reading SHY BAIRNS GET NOWT: Kites, Sarah Johnsone, Spilt Milk and Vennels

Deadlock (UK) – Deadweight

It’s 20 odd degrees outside and as we’re (mostly) unaccustomed to this kind of weather, we’re struggling. Bedsheets in the freezer anyone? What’s equally as hot (off the press) and downright more pleasant, is the debut single Deadweight from British pop-punk newcomers Deadlock (UK). This another one of those songs that teenage year old me would have been straight into the mosh pit for (I’d … Continue reading Deadlock (UK) – Deadweight

Talisk + Folkestra @ Sage Gateshead – 20/05/22

Yes, you read the title right. This is a LIVE REVIEW! Wow, I haven’t written one of these in a long time. I actually wasn’t even approached/asked to do this one, I just really enjoyed the gig and thought I’d share my thoughts with you all. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it! I’ve been a fan of Talisk since 2017, when Spotify … Continue reading Talisk + Folkestra @ Sage Gateshead – 20/05/22

Calum Baird – Some Call This Normal

“The track is meant as a song for our times and is for anyone and everyone trying to maintain a positive outlook amidst seemingly never-ending negative developments in the world from Covid to war to climate change – all of these crises and more are throwing up contradictions which are hard to keep up with and leave us feeling like everything is coming apart at … Continue reading Calum Baird – Some Call This Normal

Cornfield Chase – Rise Again

Howdy! We’re back again, this time with a song that will 100% blow away those Monday blues. If you’ve been following us for a while, you may remember the wonderful people from Cornfield Chase from Part 4 of our 2017 mini live stream series The Captain’s Log. With an ethereal-esque intro, elements of which resonate throughout the rest of the track, Rise Again is absolutely … Continue reading Cornfield Chase – Rise Again

Sapienn – Exit Scene

‘Hop’ you’re all well (see what I did there?). The Easter bunny has come early and given us a sneak peek at Sapienn‘s new track, and it’s Egg-Cellent. Sorry, we’ll stop with the puns now. Although the album artwork alludes to something perhaps a little more ‘metal’, we are hit with a beautiful piano-driven intro, that turns into a funky and catchy tune. Sapienn (aka … Continue reading Sapienn – Exit Scene

The Often Herd – Inner Peace

Hello April! As we experience some totally wacky weather here in the UK (sun and t-shirt weather last week, snow and winter coats this week), and as things continue to reopen and get ‘back to normal’, it’s important to remember to sometimes just switch off and enjoy the moment. This is exactly what The Often Herd‘s new single Inner Peace is all about. (“This one’s … Continue reading The Often Herd – Inner Peace