Live Review: We Came From The North, A Sudden Burst of Colour, Glacier @ Opium, Edinburgh (14/11/14)

Words: The Captain

It’s another Friday night and I’m back in Opium to help celebrate the release of We Came From The North’s new E.P “Low Sun, Long Shadow”. These guys are one of my favourite bands from Edinburgh and I’m very excited to hear their new material.

Before we get to hear that though, we get to hear the two awesome support bands, the first of which is Glacier, a three-piece post metal band from Edinburgh. Their music is slow and quite melodic and they start off with a beautiful intro track, combined with a slow drum beat and strumming of the guitar strings. As it’s instrumental, there are no vocals, but this is something that I like as it lets your imagination run a bit wilder as you can imagine yourself what the song is about, rather than having someone tell you. They are releasing an album in February named “The Possibility of Structure”, something that I will definitely be checking out!

Next come A Sudden Burst of Colour, a four-piece instrumental rock band from Motherwell. This is there first time here and they certainly make a good impression. The music is loud. The music is amazing. The music is fast. The music is footstompingly good (if that wasn’t a word before, it is now).
Songs flow into one another and it is certainly something I could never get bored of listening to. The sound they produce makes you feel something simply wonderful inside.
They are working on a new E.P, which will be produced, engineered, mixed and released by the band themselves.

Now… WE CAME FROM THE NORTH… *gets pom poms out*. These guys are a four-piece Instrumental Post Rock band from Edinburgh.
Before they get started Iain (guitar) tells the audience to “make sure we have [our] seatbelts on”.  This makes me giggle. The band play an amazing set, exploding in metaphorical colour. Every song is perfect and whenever I close my eyes, I can feel the music surrounding me. Rather than just hitting me, it moves me, lifts me, makes me feel. With their music, there is no right or wrong way to “know” what a song means, it is simply beautifully, amazing music and if you haven’t seen them before, they NEED to be on your “bands to see list”. Perhaps you can make it one of your new year’s resolutions to see them in the new year?

You can get the new E.P from We Came From The North here:

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