Live Review: The Barr Brothers w/ Ella the Bird @ The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh (28/10/14)


Through The Wire Music

Words: Leah Curtis

It’s a Tuesday evening in Edinburgh and I’m hidden at the back of The Ballroom in The Voodoo Rooms, notebook and pen poised at the ready. It’s my first time in this venue, so I’m quite excited to see, or rather hear, what is going to hit my eardrums though the sound system I’m not used to. The set-up is rather nice, with a few tables at the front and a row of chairs. It’s comfortable and classy at the same time.

At just past 8pm, with the venue filling up, Ella the Bird (who played with The Barr Brothers last year in Glasgow) takes to the stage. She just clambers on, picks up her guitar and starts. In the audience, silence falls and no-one makes a sound as the music floats across the room. She starts off with a melodic tune, which is very ambient, on…

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