Live Review: Let Love Rule w/ Redolent @ The Mash House, Edinburgh (07/11/14)


Through The Wire Music

Words: Leah Curtis.

It’s a Friday night and I’m in another venue that I’ve never been to before (getting lost on the way proves that). It’s a rather nice venue and after I get my glass of coke, I am “UV-ed up”. Why UV? You may ask. Well, this is Let Love Rule’s EP launch and UV Party, so they already have a bunch of cool points in my book for doing that.

Redolent (4-piece band from Edinburgh) take to the stage to get us in the mood and it certainly does the job. The band play an array of songs, all of which get the audience tapping their feet along to the beat. They seem very tight-knit as a band, by which I mean they all know what they are doing and when. For a band formed in 2013, they are doing extremely well and are definitely going on to bigger…

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