Live Review: Young Kato, Pixel Fix, Indigo Velvet @ Electric Circus, Edinburgh 29/04/14


Through The Wire Music

Words: Leah Curtis.

It’s a nice, sunny Tuesday evening in Edinburgh and as I arrive at The Electric Circus, I am greeted by a queue of people. This surprised me as queues are quite unusual in Edinburgh. However, it somehow states the popularity of the line-up. Once the doors open, for the people to flood in, the venue seems quite full. My usual place at the bar has been taken, so I find a wee table at the back. There seems to be quite a buzz, and as Indigo Velvet take to the stage, I can see why. The local boys don’t give an intro, but it seems as if they don’t need one. The lead singer tries to get the crowd going and closer to the stage by saying “come on, come down, you’re gonna have a good time”. The first song gives a real kick and an idea…

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