Live Review: SeaOfCrowns, Little Kingdom and Edgar. @ The Electric Circus 12/02/15

Words: The Captain

It’s a chilly Thursday evening and I’m at another gig, armed with a notepad, pen and a pint of coke. First up are Edgar., a three piece hardcore pop band from Preswick (near Glasgow). They are an up-beat trio of awesomeness, with amazing stage presence. Lead singer/keyboardist Stuart greets everyone with a “Hi everybody!” (please read that bit in the voice of “Dr. Nick” from The Simpsons because that’s EXACTLY how it sounded). It’s the kind of music that makes your feet tap of their own accord and you have the urge to jump about and dance like there’s no tomorrow. One song that particularly caught my eye (or rather my ears) was “Saturday”, a lovely mix of a slow and soft, to loud and hard (get your minds out of the gutter people!).  They finish their set with “Marzipan” and as Stuart tells us it “features a section where you can dance and a section where you can kick the shit out of each other, to prepare you for SeaOfCrowns”. Each song grabs my attention and they are definitely a band to look out for.


Next up are Little Kingdom, a folk/pop band from Edinburgh. They grab the attention of my ears immediately, as I grew up with folk music all around me and play folk music myself. The mix of electric guitar with fiddle, acoustic guitar with keys, drums and bass is music to my ears.  The fact that they had free cake was pretty cool too. Kudos to the cake maker! It was very yummy! But, of course, this isn’t a review of how nice the cake was, but how great their music was. Their single “Yesteryear” (the artwork of which also featured on the cake) is simply amazing. Think traditional folk music crossed with modern pop music, with a wee bit of jazz thrown into the mix.
You can hear it here:


Now, SeaOfCrowns, the headliners we’ve been waiting for, take to the stage. At this point, the venue is quite packed full of people eager to hear what they have to offer us. We are not disappointed. They are a perfectly put together, tight knit band. With heavy riffs and awesomely loud vocals, the boys power through their brilliantly thought out set. One song, which I unfortunately didn’t catch the name of, started off a little bit softer than the others, which made me smile. It’s like someone letting their guard down for one moment, taking away the hard shell, to show the soft side to them, like a Wagon Wheel biscuit.

You can listen to, and watch the video for their song “We’ll All Learn” here:

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