The Captainskydiver Adventskranz Part 4:

E.P Review –
….I guess this is progress by Felix Saunders

It’s now the 20th of December, with means Sandra and Rudolphina (yes, all of ‘Santas’ Reindeer are actually women) are coming in just 4 days! I know this has been a really strange year for everyone, let’s hope that 2021 is a wee bit better, ey?

However, we have been treated to a sneak preview of Felix Saunder’s upcoming E.P “….I guess this is progress” and WOW! It is fabulous.

Soft vocals, mixed with whimsical instrumentation make for lovely listening. I’m getting a ‘Of Monsters and Men’ vibes from it, and I love it. The one that really jumps out at it me is ‘The King of Nothing’ which I can totally see being used in a TV show for a montage of events, the first show that pops into my head is ‘Sons of Anarchy’. It’s such a damn good song. Which is good for you lot, as it just happens to be the single from this Album, so you get to listen to it rather soon!

However, the whole E.P. is marvellous, and well worth a listen. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you once they’re both out. And by remind, I mean that I’ll do a keyboard smash style tweet.

The single ‘The King of Nothing’ will be released on the 5th of February, with the full Album following on the 15th of February. It’ll be available on all the usual platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc).

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The Captainskydiver Adventskranz Part 3:

E.P Review –
Bare by Lana Wild

Ho ho ho! Bugger, it’s already the 13th of December! That means that Sandra is coming in only 11 days!
(No, that’s not a typo, when I was little, I thought that ‘Sandra Claus’ brought the presents).

Some of you may notice that we’ve already reviewed this E.P. This is correct, however, we decided that it needed posting again, because it’s so blooming good (and we love Lana).

Lana’s Debut E.P. definitely packs a punch. The E.P was intended to be about the songs, not the production, so it “feels live and raw which is the way [they] wanted it!”.

The 4 songs on the E.P. are f*****g fabulous. They are raw, emotional and beautiful. However, I’d say my favourite song of the E.P is “Beginnings & Endings”. Lana is an amazing songwriter, performer and human, and this really shows in her Debut E.P.

Lana wrote this record as a “short window into my life leading up to coming out as transgender – so to be able to put it out, perform it and reach other people who are like me means a tremendous amount. This record is for me, but also for the people who need to hear it.”

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The Captainskydiver Adventskranz Part 2:

Single Review –
Upside Down by Cannon Beach

Hello December! It’s blooming freezing, but at least we’re all locked inside, right?

This week we have part 2 of the Musical Adventskranz, and boy is it a cracker! (Pun may or may not be intended).

Genre: Alt-Rock

Let me start my saying that as soon as the beat hit on this song, my inner emo screamed with delight (told you it wasn’t just a phase mum).
I’m not going to lie, as I wrote this review, the song was on on repeat in the background and I may have taken several bopping breaks. It is an absolute smashing song, and I’m sure Spotify will now add it to my ‘on repeat’ playlist.

What I really like about this song is that it combines 80’s synth beat with that oh so wonderful emo theme, that creates this amazing sound. What I love, is that the band are trying to remind us to do what we love, and surround ourselves with wonderful people. The lyric that really resonates with me is “I’m not afraid anymore”, showing us that no matter what happens to us, we will get out the other side in one piece, and we are not alone, which we 100% need to hear in the 💩show that is 2020.

“Where can I listen to this fantastic track?” I hear you cry, well look no further than below!

Lyric Video

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Single Review – Misty Me by Katherine Aly

Words: The Captain

FFO: Florence & The Machine and Bjork

“What’s this”? I hear you cry “MORE music we most definitely need to listen to?”. The answer is, of course, whey aye man!

Katherine Aly has a beautiful and distinctive voice and this, paired with an angelic harp, makes for lovely listening. Make sure you have a good set of speakers or headphones to hand, because you won’t want to miss a single detail of this wonderful track.

Listen to/see a live video HERE

If you love it as much as me, you can find her here:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

E.P Review – Bare by Lana Wild

Words: The Captain

Album Art: Syntaxidermy


FFO: Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers, Grace Petrie or Billy Liar.

It’s April 2020 and we’re all staying home to protect ourselves and the NHS. SO… it’s the perfect time for you (and let’s be honest, also your neighbours because you’ll be playing this loud and on repeat) to get your teeth into some new music!

Lana’s Debut E.P. definitely packs a punch. The E.P was intended to be about the songs, not the production, so it “feels live and raw which is the way [they] wanted it!”.

The 4 songs on the E.P. are f*****g fabulous. They are raw, emotional and beautiful. However, I’d say my favourite song of the E.P is “Beginnings & Endings”. Lana is an amazing songwriter, performer and human, and this really shows in her Debut E.P.

Lana wrote this record as a “short window into my life leading up to coming out as transgender – so to be able to put it out, perform it and reach other people who are like me means a tremendous amount. This record is for me, but also for the people who need to hear it.”

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Single Review: Suneaters by L-Space

Words: The Captain

Photo: Jannica Honey 


It’s a Sunday afternoon and I’m sat on my sofa eating copious amounts of Pringles (standard) whilst listening to L-Space’s latest single “Suneaters”. It’s their first single to be released via the label Last Night From Glasgow.

First of all, a MASSIVE congrats to the band for getting signed to a label who fell in love with them after hearing their song “Space Junk” [See our review here].

If you’ve read my reviews before you know that I’ve reviewed them a few times before and I am DEFINITELY a fan. This new single is no different. It’s all about a better future, which I think we all dream of in the current climate.

I am a huge fan of ambient music AND post-progressive instrumental rock, so this song really strikes a chord (no pun intended) with me. The combination of slow synths, mixed with piano and beautifully soothing vocals draw you into the song. Suddenly it changes, those components are still there, but there’s a bit more of a beat to it. Suddenly, a dramatic change, the guitars kick in and drive the song to its climax until they fade away into the black. This amazing single also comes with two (yes TWO) B-Sides about comets and living outside time.

It is a truly breathtaking and mesmerizing piece of work from such talented and wonderful musicians.

You can get it/listen to it here:

Spotify // BandCamp 

Their album will be coming out on vinyl in September and they have a second single scheduled for May, so we don’t have to wait too long to hear what they have next for us. Yay! 


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Album Review: Best Girl Athlete

Words: The Captain

Photo: George Mackie


Following her debut album, “Carve Every Word” in 2015, Katie Buchan – aka Best Girl Athlete – has returned with her brand new album, the self-titled Best Girl Athlete, which she wrote prior to turning 18 with her father Charley.

Katie has already done a lot in her young years. Check it out!

She has:
– Toured Europe AND the U.S
– Released an album that was nominated for a Scottish Alternative Music Award.
– Carve Every Word was named the second best Scottish album of 2015 by Ravechild and received acclaim from people like The Line of Best Fit, Clash Magazine, Folk Radio, Artrocker, The Sunday Herald and BBC Radio Scotland’s Vic Galloway and Roddy Hart.

“…groove-riddled folk-pop…” – The Line of Best Fit

“… assured artistry…” – Clash

“…pretty amazing…” – Folk Radio

I was lucky enough to listen to this on vinyl as well as Spotify.
Big thanks to Charley for sending me the vinyl in the post and my mum for letting me use her record player!

The best thing about this album is that every song is different. You never know what to expect as each track ends and the next starts, it’s amazing! One song you have strings and eloquent vocals, the next you’re pleasantly surprised with some rap, then suddenly you feel like you’re at an accomplished pianist’s concert.

Katie is definitely an accomplished musician, her voice is strong and powerful and you feel as if she is singing directly to you. As each song is so different, it almost feels like both you, and your best mate who is TOTALLY different to you, could both identify with the music & lyrics on the album.
Each song can stand on its own, following the idea that these days it seems that most people like to consume music through individual songs and not whole albums.

Her music is different, it’s original and it’s certainly something for those with a very wide music taste, it’s definitely something you could play to your gran without worrying.

Having to pick a favourite is always so hard! In this case, I say… BUGGER THAT! I’m not picking a favourite, the entire album is my favourite!

The album is out NOW via Fitlike Records. It’s available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

Official Site // Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud


Album Review: An Unforgiving Light by Annie Booth

Words: The Captain

Album Cover: Brian Sweeney
Album Cover Text: Colin McArthur



I’ve been a fan of Annie ever since I saw her back in 2015 at Teviot Underground (Edinburgh), you can see my thoughts on that show here.

But anywaaaaay, we’re here to talk about…. HER TOTALLY AWESOME, SUPER DUPER, AMAZING NEW ALBUM! Sorry, not sorry, about all the caps, that’s what people do when they’re excited yeah?

She’s already had good press galore, check out what some other really excited people had to say:

“One to watch in the Scottish folk scene”  Rave Child

“Her songwriting talents belie her years, part Sandy Denny part Christine McVie – both fragile and commanding at once”Everything Flows

“A talented young lady”Vic Galloway, BBC Scotland

Now to add my own thoughts to the MANY people who have already praised this record.

To put it simply:
It is fabulous!

To put it in more detail:
When I saw Annie back in 2015 she commanded the stage with such grace and this is certainly carried across on record. Annie is so very talented and her voice floats so beautifully through my speakers and fills the room with her wonderful music and voice. Each song on this record captivates me and pulls me in. It’s the kind of music you can imagine selling out huge venues and I know it would sound so amazing.

They say that the people in charge of scouting artists will listen to the first 5-10 seconds of a song and if they like that first 5-10 seconds then you’re in with a good chance. ANY of the 9 songs on this album would lend itself to this process, as each song is so beautifully put together.

I know you’re not supposed to have favourites, it’s not fair on the other songs is it? But, I’m a total sucker for those kinda slow, swaying songs. For me, it’s the final song on this record “The Line” (featuring Mt. Doubt’s Leo Bargery). It is emotional, raw and exquisite.

I URGE you to go and buy this record and play it until your neighbours start to sing along they know the words so well.

CD/Vinyl // iTunes // Spotify 

Find her on Social Media too:

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E.P Review: All These Days by Gordon’s Alive!

Words: The Captain

Photo: Micky Cooper


In the words of Kuzco… “BOOM BABY!” (if you don’t know what I mean, watch “The Emperor’s New Groove”, you won’t regret it). Some swish new music to get my lugs around.

“All These Days” is Gordon’s Alive!’s second E.P and they are very much rockin’ (geddit?) the old school rock style. It’s super awesome! Good riffs, nice vocals and I can feel my foot tapping along of its own accord.

If you like the “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion”* that AC/DC and Led Zepplin make, you’ll LOVE Gordon’s Alive!. Trust me, four songs ain’t enough… WE WANT MORE!

If you want to see them live, then listen up!

Live at Harleys – 16th September 2017 @ Harleys, Ayr

SAHROCK – 11th November 2017 @ Ivory Blacks, Glasgow

6th October 2017 @ Smash, Edinburgh

Facebook // Twitter // Spotify // Amazon // iTunes 

*definition of music, by Google Dictionary.


Single Review: Space Junk by L-Space

Words: The Captain

Photo: Gail Watt (The Woozle)


I first saw L-Space as a support for Eyre Llew back in March and I really liked them, so when I was approached by the band to review their new single, I was rather elated.

As I said when I reviewed them live: “Think if Doctor Who and Red Dwarf got together and made a band, this would be it”. I still stand by that statement. It helps that I am an avid Doctor Who fan and also think Red Dwarf is pretty cool (I’m gonna eat you little fishy, I’m gonna eat you little fissssssssh!).

Judging by the name of this track, the other tracks I’ve heard and their stage talk, they LOVE space and this certainly comes across in this track. “Space Junk” is all kinds of weird and wonderful, with the emphasis on the latter. When I listen to it, I feel like I’m floating about in some kind of disco bubble in space and I’m having a party with other people who bounce by in their own disco bubbles and everyone is having a great time.

The synths emanating from my speakers (alongside the sweet, yet ever so slightly and nicely distorted vocals) make my room feel like that bubble I mentioned just before. This track is super cool and I urge you to listen to it, along with their other stuff. If you like what you hear, or think “that sounds so utterly amazingly cool I have to hear it on stage NOWWWWW!”, then you don’t have to wait too long! Here is a list of their next few dates, they’re going to be very busy!

  • The Flying Duck, Glasgow – 27th July,
  • MugStock,  Mugdock Country Park – 29th July (Chameleon Stage @ 13:40 & Oxjam Stage @ 15:15)
  • Merchant City Festival @ Tron Theatre, Glasgow – 30th July (with Fox Star Records) 
  • Opium, Edinburgh – 13th of August. 

Website // Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud // BandCamp