Deadlock (UK) – Deadweight

It’s 20 odd degrees outside and as we’re (mostly) unaccustomed to this kind of weather, we’re struggling. Bedsheets in the freezer anyone? What’s equally as hot (off the press) and downright more pleasant, is the debut single Deadweight from British pop-punk newcomers Deadlock (UK).

This another one of those songs that teenage year old me would have been straight into the mosh pit for (I’d still like to now, but my back and knees aren’t what they used to be). It has everything you want from a pop-punk song! It’s fast, it’s loud, and it’s blooming fantastic!

Lyrically, Deadweight tackles the subject of mental health issues with the underlying themes being that of struggling with inner emotional conflict, something many people (myself included) can relate to. I find it’s always good when you can relate to a song, that isn’t just about a silly person (using nice words because my mum will read this) that didn’t ‘do you right’.

The track started as part of a collection of self-produced home recordings, but soon found its way into the hands of producers Sam Pura and Terry Beckley, who helped refine it.

‘WHEN IS THIS FANTASTIC TRACK OUT?’ I hear you cry (if you came via our socials, then you probably already know). However, fear not, for you don’t have too long to wait. Deadweight is out on digital platforms on the 29th of July! I’ve already put it in my calendar. You can presave it here.

To keep you eager beavers happy, they’ve released a lyric video on good old Tube of You:

And of course, no review is complete without some social links so you can go and follow them on their adventures!

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