Calum Baird – Some Call This Normal

“The track is meant as a song for our times and is for anyone and everyone trying to maintain a positive outlook amidst seemingly never-ending negative developments in the world from Covid to war to climate change – all of these crises and more are throwing up contradictions which are hard to keep up with and leave us feeling like everything is coming apart at the seams.” – Calum Baird.

I’m going to jump straight into it this week, rather than my usual pre-amble/waffle, as I feel it wouldn’t feel right, given the theme of this song. Calum Baird is a Scottish singer-songwriter, musician and artist-activist, and this new track really does hit home about what is going on in the world right now.

Calum is a fantastic musician (and lyricist) and this song proves this point even more so. The influences of Bob Dylan and Neil Young are apparent (and this particular song is influenced by John Lennon’s style in Nobody Told Me as well as drawing influence from contemporary folk and singer-songwriter styles) but Calum makes it his own sound, and it’s incredibly powerful. This song really does make you think about why we accept so many things as ‘normal’, but when you take a step back, you think it utterly bizarre as to why we think that.

A notable mention is that this song was recorded across 2 studios, and 2 countries! Calum recorded the vocals and acoustic guitar parts, in his home studio, and then sent it over to his friend, and fellow musician, Tobias Thiele who developed the song in his studio in Funkenhagen (Germany) performing the slide guitar, bass guitar, organ and percussion as well as producing the final mix. This song is a must-hear, thought-provoking, and simply wonderful.

Upcoming Live Dates:

June 2022 – Performing in-person launch of the Scottish feature-film, Exiles at Webster’s Theatre in Glasgow in June. Exiles recently won the John Byrne Award and Calum composed the musical score featured in the film.

July 2022 – Three shows in Berlin, including one at the Fiesta de Solidaridad on July 23rd.

August 2022 – Calum will perform shows at the Edinburgh Festival before travelling to Germany to play at the 2022 UZ-Pressefest in Dortmund, his second time playing there, after four shows in 2018.

Listen to Some Call This Normal here


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