In Waves – Head Above Water

Hello again!

As promised, we have returned! But fear not, as an apology for being AFK for so long we have an absolute BANGER of a track for you! I’m fairly sure my other half knows all of the words to this track by now.

Newcomers ‘In Waves’ don’t do things by half with their debut single ‘Head Above Water’, (premiered as ‘Record of the Week’ by BBC Introducing on Abbie McCarthy’s show), which is being released TOMORROW! This is super exciting as it means I can listen to the track on Spotify and persuade my work colleagues to blast it in the office. As you can probably tell, we were very lucky to be able to listen to it before release and we LOVEEEEEE it.

Right, I’ve rambled enough for now, *cracks knuckles* let’s get into it!

It starts off ‘all swayey’ (that’s a word right?). Then a beat kicks in with a wee rap, and you find yourself tapping your foot along. Then a wee bridge until the chorus hits, and this is where it’s impossible not to sing along to. I think that we can all resonate with the repeated line: ‘Gotta Keep My Head Above Water’, especially in a time where everything is costing more and more. This is obviously just my interpretation, but isn’t that the beauty of music, being able to interpret it in our own way? In Waves have certainly caught my attention with their musical prowess.
Scrap that I said earlier about my other half, I’m fairly sure the neighbours on both sides (we’ve just moved so we now have more people to share all this music with) know all the words.

Their bio tell us: ‘Inspired by a diverse set of influences spanning the past six decades while taking a cue from alt pop contemporaries such as Kasabian and The Neighbourhood, the UK band’s music is a sonic labyrinth.’, and we couldn’t agree more! I, for one, cannot WAIT to hear what comes next from In Waves, as I’m sure they are going to go very far. Please come to Newcastle soon!

If you’re in or near London, you don’t have to wait long to go and see them, as they’re playing a headline show at the Sebright Arms on Tuesday, the 12th of July.
Tickets here.

Head Above Water is out tomorrow (Friday 1st July). For links follow here for their Linktree, and enjoy! 😉