Single Review: Greetings from Nowhere City by Benny Monteux

Words: The Captain


Do you want to dance about your room like your teenage self again? Yeah, I thought so. This song is perfect one to do it with. The driven guitars and catchy riffs, layered underneath Benny’s impressive vocal capabilities make vocals “Greetings from Nowhere City” FETCH! (Yes Gretchen, you made it happen).

Benny is definitely one to catch on record and especially live, where you can dance with other people and maybe buy him and his band mates a pint, because they really deserve it! If you want to see Benny and his live you can catch them here:

* 19th March at Voodoo Rooms (full band) with Jack Rowberry

* 23rd April (full band) as part of The Big Discovery Festival with Jakil, Aaron Wright and Huxtable plus others

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If you want to buy the single, you can do so on iTunes HERE or click on the embedded link below to get it on Bandcamp