Goodbye Electric Circus


Words and Photo: The Captain

On the 25th of March (this Saturday) The Electric Circus will close its doors for the final time after 7 years.

The Electric Circus has played host to many amazing acts be it touring or local and if you read a lot of our reviews, you’ll know we spent many an hour at this awesome venue, taking in some of the acts that played. The first review we EVER did was at this very venue. It was like a second home.

Edinburgh is losing one of the best medium sized venues and it is very sad. It’s in such a perfect place! You need to get the last train home? Nae bother pal, you’re right next to the train station. Hungry after a good night out? McDonald’s is just round the corner. Need a taxi? THEY’RE RIGHT OUTSIDE! It’s not just the placement of the venue. So many acts need a reasonable sized venue to play in if they;re coming to Edinburgh because they’re so popular that they can’t play a smaller venue. Of course there ARE still other venues in Edinburgh but The Electric Circus has not just been home to gigs and karaoke but also the music industry event Born to be Wide where lots of people have been able to network with proper industry professionals from all sectors of the music industry. If you’ve ever been, you’ve probably seen me dotting about trying to make friends. This event was so paramount to my own education and I’ve heard from others that this event helped them to grow too.

Of course, The Electric Circus also caters to those people who just love to sing, with 7 private karaoke rooms where you can sing your heart out with a plethora of songs. Which brings me onto my next point, the awesome staff!

The staff are certainly part of the character and allure of the venue. Whether it’s the sound guy (Joe you are a legend) making sure every band sounds epic, the bar staff making you delicious drinks,  the karaoke staff making sure everyone has a good time or the people behind the scenes making sure YOU get the best night ever with the bands that play and the general running of the venue. I know that these people are so awesome because I used to be part of the amazing family that is #teamEC. I worked down on the karaoke corridor for 6 months from 2014-2015 and I could not have asked for a more kind, caring, fun and lovely work family.

In the following photo are just SOME of the past and present staff. There are many more people who aren’t in this photo and if they were we wouldn’t all fit.It’s sad think this is the last generation of the team that there will ever be. (That’s me in the red shirt with the lovely Lauren to the left).


(Photo: Sara Cameron Photography)

Here is a rundown of the last few events The Electric Circus will ever host. Thank you for so many wonderful years, make sure you go out with a bang, you will be missed!

TONIGHT (March 23rd) – Songwriters Celebration Open Mic

TOMORROW (March 24th) – Indigo Velvet/Dancing on Tables + Special Guests (Gig)
TOMORROW (March 24th) – Magic Nostalgic (Clubnight)

SATURDAY (March 25th) – Horsebeach/Mad Gerald/Sevenpenny Nightmare (Gig)
SATURDAY (March 25th) – EC All Stars (Last ever Clubnight)

Single Review: Pedestal by Unkeepable


Words: The Captain

Pedestal Cover - small.jpeg

If you want something catchy and amazing, if you want something that will give you a massive earworm (I promise that’s not gross or awful, look it up here) then “Pedestal” is for you. I remember seeing Steven (Frontman) live on his own a year or so ago, and this is my first time hearing him as a band. It’s different, but also pretty damn incredible. The lyrics speak to you and make you feel like you are experiencing it yourself.  Look out for these guys; they will rock your world!

Buy/Listen to the single here (but you really should be buying it):
iTunes // Spotify // SoundCloud

Facebook // Twitter // YouTube

Album Review: Laurence Murray Project

Words: The Captain


With twelve tracks to please your ears, this self-titled debut album from Laurence Murray Project is pretty bloody sweet.

Hashtagged “Blues Rock”, this album is certainly that. Some songs lean more towards the rock side and other more towards a more breezy blues/jazz feel. With syrup sweet female vocals and silky smooth male vocals layered over a steady deep beat , it is certainly something to tickle your taste buds, or rather ear buds (if that’s a thing) and it will certainly excite them.

This amazing album hasn’t been released yet, but they are looking to release it in spring/summer of this year (so not very long really, yay!). However they do have a wee bit stuff online, if you can’t wait for the release then check out this brilliant YouTube video below, or check them out on social media

Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud // BandCamp

Single Review: Greetings from Nowhere City by Benny Monteux

Words: The Captain


Do you want to dance about your room like your teenage self again? Yeah, I thought so. This song is perfect one to do it with. The driven guitars and catchy riffs, layered underneath Benny’s impressive vocal capabilities make vocals “Greetings from Nowhere City” FETCH! (Yes Gretchen, you made it happen).

Benny is definitely one to catch on record and especially live, where you can dance with other people and maybe buy him and his band mates a pint, because they really deserve it! If you want to see Benny and his live you can catch them here:

* 19th March at Voodoo Rooms (full band) with Jack Rowberry

* 23rd April (full band) as part of The Big Discovery Festival with Jakil, Aaron Wright and Huxtable plus others

Facebook  // Twitter // SoundCloud // YouTube // Spotify 

If you want to buy the single, you can do so on iTunes HERE or click on the embedded link below to get it on Bandcamp

Single Review: Blue by Indigo Velvet

Words: The Captain

blue ig

The suave boys of Indigo Velvet have just released their newest single “Blue” and it’s sweet af (if you don’t know what af means here is a definition). With awesome vocals, amazing riffs and stunning musicianship, this single could lift any down mood.

It’s the kind of song you want to dance about to, the kind of song that would be an instant hit with the crowd when played live. It’s an amazing song and the perfect song to lift those pre-winter blues.

Go, be free and get it! The boys will be very happy if you do.

The single is available on their Soundcloud, Spotify and will shortly be available on iTunes.
Released: 4th September 2015

Indigo Velvet are playing a headline show at The Electric Circus with support from Lisbon and Lewis Capaldi on the 9th of October, tickets are available here.

Single Review: Tuesday Night by Amy Lou

Words: The Captain


Tuesday Night is the the gorgeous debut single from singer/songwriter Amy Lou.

The distinctly Scottish vocals are just like honey and the soft acoustic guitar that accompanies them just seals the deal for me. This track is simply beautiful and an amazing choice for a debut single.

Her next single “Marine Biologist” is out tomorrow.

Stream below: