Album Review: Laurence Murray Project

Words: The Captain


With twelve tracks to please your ears, this self-titled debut album from Laurence Murray Project is pretty bloody sweet.

Hashtagged “Blues Rock”, this album is certainly that. Some songs lean more towards the rock side and other more towards a more breezy blues/jazz feel. With syrup sweet female vocals and silky smooth male vocals layered over a steady deep beat , it is certainly something to tickle your taste buds, or rather ear buds (if that’s a thing) and it will certainly excite them.

This amazing album hasn’t been released yet, but they are looking to release it in spring/summer of this year (so not very long really, yay!). However they do have a wee bit stuff online, if you can’t wait for the release then check out this brilliant YouTube video below, or check them out on social media

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