E.P Review: Roots by Big Pond

Words: The Captain

Big Pond - Roots - cover

With catchy lyrics and musical hooks the debut E.P “Roots” by Scottish artist Big Pond is certainly music to the ears (pardon the pun if you will).

Can Kicker is a great first track, drawing you straight in. The first time I heard this song, I was singing it for days every morning in the shower (much to the upset of the cats upstairs, my own singing is like a cat in a washing machine). It is upbeat, funky and toe-tapping. When I close my eyes and listen to it, it’s almost like he’s in the room with a powerful, yet soft voice, mixed with a good blend of acoustic and electric guitar.

Next, things are slowed down a wee bit for We’ll Be Alright. This is probably my favourite track on the E.P. Slow and soft, but still catchy. It sounds like something you’d dance to at your wedding or a backing track for a wedding video montage. This song really brings out his vocal and musical talent, along with beautiful lyrics.

Three Drains is the shortest track on the E.P at just 1 minute and 56 seconds. This is again a beautiful track, but with no vocals. If you’ve read some of my reviews before, you’ll know I LOVE instrumental tracks. Slow and steady, it is the perfect track to calm you down. The instruments seem to flow so easily, with an electric guitar coming in just before the song stops suddenly with a static sound. I find this quite intriguing, but certainly something different and that I was not expecting.

The last track to grace our ears is Chronicles of a Drunken Busker. The song itself seems like something a busker himself would sing (although Big Pond isn’t drunk). With simple, yet striking riffs and elegant double vocals, this song seems like the perfect last track to such an awesome E.P.

This E.P is brilliant for a debut, a beautiful cluster of songs that aren’t harsh on the ear drums. I certainly look forward to whatever Big Pond has to offer next.

Big Pond is definitely worth checking out and you can get it on Bandcamp for free here, but it’s definitely worth a few bob:
Released: 11th November 2014

Big Pond is also going to be on the radio station Sunny Govan Radio on the 25th February from 8-10pm on the show “Rewind and Unsigned”.

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