Cornfield Chase – Rise Again

Howdy! We’re back again, this time with a song that will 100% blow away those Monday blues. If you’ve been following us for a while, you may remember the wonderful people from Cornfield Chase from Part 4 of our 2017 mini live stream series The Captain’s Log. With an ethereal-esque intro, elements of which resonate throughout the rest of the track, Rise Again is absolutely … Continue reading Cornfield Chase – Rise Again

Sapienn – Exit Scene

‘Hop’ you’re all well (see what I did there?). The Easter bunny has come early and given us a sneak peek at Sapienn‘s new track, and it’s Egg-Cellent. Sorry, we’ll stop with the puns now. Although the album artwork alludes to something perhaps a little more ‘metal’, we are hit with a beautiful piano-driven intro, that turns into a funky and catchy tune. Sapienn (aka … Continue reading Sapienn – Exit Scene

The Often Herd – Inner Peace

Hello April! As we experience some totally wacky weather here in the UK (sun and t-shirt weather last week, snow and winter coats this week), and as things continue to reopen and get ‘back to normal’, it’s important to remember to sometimes just switch off and enjoy the moment. This is exactly what The Often Herd‘s new single Inner Peace is all about. (“This one’s … Continue reading The Often Herd – Inner Peace

Eyes of Home – Melted Casino

Happy “one less hour in bed day!”. Yes, it’s one less hour in bed, BUT… this means summer is inching ever closer. The debut single Melted Casino from Edinburgh rockers Eyes of Home has everything you want from a song. Catchy riffs, fantastic hooks, great vocals, and giving you the urge to maybe fling yourself about in a room of like-minded people. It starts off … Continue reading Eyes of Home – Melted Casino

Stay for Tomorrow – Prison Living

Happy Spring Equinox! (Correct at the time of writing obviously). This means that the days are FINALLY getting longer, yay! Hamish is already planning his summer outfits. Dunfermline Alt-Rockers Stay for Tomorrow are back with the foot-tapping, catchy track Prison Living. They have a very distinct sound, which is best described as ‘oooooft yes’. This will be another one that will be added to my … Continue reading Stay for Tomorrow – Prison Living

MK (Mike Kremastoules) – Run

Guess who’s back, back again…that’s right it’s MK! We loved Butterfly so much, we were honoured when we were asked to review his new single Run. ICYMI, you can read our review of Butterfly here. As I’ve mentioned before, I love a good instrumental track, so Run really lets me get my groove on. Full of melodic hook lines, and a large sprinkle of awesome … Continue reading MK (Mike Kremastoules) – Run

The Passing Sages – Crisis on the Dancefloor

We’re finally in March! Somehow January lasted 2 years and then February was over before it started. The sun is starting to shine more, and things are starting to grow again. I couldn’t think of a better song to get us in the mood for longer, brighter and warmer days. ‘Crisis on the Dancefloor’ from Fife band The Passing Sages is groovy AF (I’ll explain … Continue reading The Passing Sages – Crisis on the Dancefloor

Felix Saunders – Fool That I Am

It’s a rainy Sunday, and I’m curled up on my sofa armed with my laptop, and a hot chocolate. All I need is some nice music to really make this day great. Well, I have certainly found it in Felix’s new song, that dropped on Friday. You probably recognise Felix, as he’s been on the blog before…we’re big fans! So, let’s get stuck in on … Continue reading Felix Saunders – Fool That I Am