Live Review: Gruff Rhys w/ Gwenno at The Caves, Edinburgh. (18/02/15)


Through The Wire Music

Review: Leah Curtis.

Gruff Rhys

It’s another chilly evening in Edinburgh (typical Scottish weather raises eyebrows) and this time I’m at The Caves! There are already a handful of people eagerly awaiting some live music and we don’t have to wait long! Shortly after 7:30pm, Gwenno takes to the stage with an awesome techno loop with a bit of extra synth thrown in for good measure. For the entirety of her set, she is shrouded in darkness, the emphasis on the music and a collection of videos projected onto the screen behind her. Each video fits perfectly with each song, ranging from a bird’s eye view of beautiful lakes and forests to a montage of people working in all kinds of industries. What I love is that it’s almost like a very long and live music video. Her music is interesting (and by interesting I mean wonderful) with deep and heavy…

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