Goodbye Electric Circus


Words and Photo: The Captain

On the 25th of March (this Saturday) The Electric Circus will close its doors for the final time after 7 years.

The Electric Circus has played host to many amazing acts be it touring or local and if you read a lot of our reviews, you’ll know we spent many an hour at this awesome venue, taking in some of the acts that played. The first review we EVER did was at this very venue. It was like a second home.

Edinburgh is losing one of the best medium sized venues and it is very sad. It’s in such a perfect place! You need to get the last train home? Nae bother pal, you’re right next to the train station. Hungry after a good night out? McDonald’s is just round the corner. Need a taxi? THEY’RE RIGHT OUTSIDE! It’s not just the placement of the venue. So many acts need a reasonable sized venue to play in if they;re coming to Edinburgh because they’re so popular that they can’t play a smaller venue. Of course there ARE still other venues in Edinburgh but The Electric Circus has not just been home to gigs and karaoke but also the music industry event Born to be Wide where lots of people have been able to network with proper industry professionals from all sectors of the music industry. If you’ve ever been, you’ve probably seen me dotting about trying to make friends. This event was so paramount to my own education and I’ve heard from others that this event helped them to grow too.

Of course, The Electric Circus also caters to those people who just love to sing, with 7 private karaoke rooms where you can sing your heart out with a plethora of songs. Which brings me onto my next point, the awesome staff!

The staff are certainly part of the character and allure of the venue. Whether it’s the sound guy (Joe you are a legend) making sure every band sounds epic, the bar staff making you delicious drinks,  the karaoke staff making sure everyone has a good time or the people behind the scenes making sure YOU get the best night ever with the bands that play and the general running of the venue. I know that these people are so awesome because I used to be part of the amazing family that is #teamEC. I worked down on the karaoke corridor for 6 months from 2014-2015 and I could not have asked for a more kind, caring, fun and lovely work family.

In the following photo are just SOME of the past and present staff. There are many more people who aren’t in this photo and if they were we wouldn’t all fit.It’s sad think this is the last generation of the team that there will ever be. (That’s me in the red shirt with the lovely Lauren to the left).


(Photo: Sara Cameron Photography)

Here is a rundown of the last few events The Electric Circus will ever host. Thank you for so many wonderful years, make sure you go out with a bang, you will be missed!

TONIGHT (March 23rd) – Songwriters Celebration Open Mic

TOMORROW (March 24th) – Indigo Velvet/Dancing on Tables + Special Guests (Gig)
TOMORROW (March 24th) – Magic Nostalgic (Clubnight)

SATURDAY (March 25th) – Horsebeach/Mad Gerald/Sevenpenny Nightmare (Gig)
SATURDAY (March 25th) – EC All Stars (Last ever Clubnight)

Live Review: Pronto Mama w/ SeaOfCrowns @ The Electric Circus 03/06/15

Words: The Captain

It’s Wednesday, which means those “mid-week blues”. However, these are easily cured by some awesome live music. So here I am again in one of my favourite venues The Electric Circus to see two awesome bands.

First, we are treated to alterntive Edinburgh rockers SeaOfCrowns. They introduce themselves and tell us to “come over to the party zone” (apparently it’s been scientifically proven that this is the “party zone”. These guys are loud, awesome and just all round fantastic. This is the second time I’ve seen them and they have certainly progressed since then. They seem tighter and more confident.
At one point, the cymbal stand starts to fall over. However a kind young man from the audience LEAPS into action and saves the day for Brett (SOC drummer). Phew! That was close! In return, the band dedicate their next song to that young man (he’s called Pete by the way). In short, you NEED to check these guys out and go and see them next time they play a show. They are going on a wee tour in July, below are the dates!

22//07 – The Mash House – Edinburgh
23//07 – Buskers. – Dundee
24//07 – Dreadnought Rock – Bathgate
25//07 – The Swan Inn – Stranraer
26//07 – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut – Glasgow

Now, a group appears as if by magic! No, not a puff of smoke and some magic words, they just sneak in through the side door. Now these guys are totally awesome! Imagine Dr Utonium making The Powerpuff Girls, but instead of sugar, spice & all things nice, he added jazz, indie and rock into the mix, with not three but six magical beings pop out. This is Pronto Mama. With their array of musical talent and instruments, they amaze us with their sound and style. Whenever you get the chance, go and see this band they are super cool!

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Live Review: Snide Rhythms, May He Go, Two Wrongs @ The Electric Circus 19/05/15

Words: The Captain

Once upon a time, in a city not so far away, a small crowd gathers at a venue. The city in question is *drum roll* EDINBURGH! Well done, if you got it right, you can have a Bucky Bomb!

The bill tonight looks so simply delicious, so when two-piece instrumental band Two Wrongs take to the stage, my eyes (and ears) and so, so ready.
Think of a bag of Revels (yes, even the coffee ones, I really like them) and imagine closing your eyes and delving in. You never know what you’re going to get. Two Wrongs are like a musical bag of Revels, and it’s fucking brilliant! With just drums and guitar, they manage to fill the whole room with music that can be jazzy and smooth one minute and then groovy and rocky the next (throw in a hint of surfer music whilst you’re at it). Throughout their set they are perfectly in time, perfectly melodic and perfectly awesome.

They don’t have anything online yet, but you can follow their antics on Facebook (just click the bold “Two Wrongs” above) or on Twitter:

Now for May He Go, a three piece instrumental band, with a few backing tracks and a heavy rock backing thrown in. These guys are super, duper, major awesome (like the musical equivalent of the feeling you get after eating your favourite kind of ice cream). Rocky, yet mystic, with a few vocals thrown in at times for good measure, these three wonderful people make beautiful music. It not only fills the room, but bounces off the wall creating a wall of sound that is so bloody fantabulous. There was a slight technical hitch towards the end of their set, where the laptop playing the backing tracks decided it had had enough and wanted to bugger off, but despite this, they carried on playing like nothing had happened.

If you would like to see them live, they are supporting Mt.Doubt at The Mash House (Edinburgh) on the 30th of May.


They start off sounding quite, as Dr. Who would put it, “wibbly-wobbly-timey-whimey”. Sort of alien-ish, synth-y awesomeness. Then… suddenly punk takes over and the leader singer is shouting at us (it’s a good kind of shouty and he has good dance moves so we’re all good). After a song called “HMS Junkie” they proceed to thank the other bands for playing, thank Angus for organising it, and thank The Electric Circus’ in-house sound tech Joe for well, I think you can guess.

They end with an instrumental selection of jazzy, rocky and synth-y music, with the lead singer leaving the stage first, followed by the guitarist. Now there is only the bassist and drummer left, who finish on with a very quiet bang. Then comes the silence, which everyone knows to mean “get oot, we’re closing”.


Live Review: Dune Rats w/ The Rich at Electric Circus, Edinburgh. (27/03/15)


Through The Wire Music

Review: Leah Curtis.

THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! It’s the weekend, so it’s time to let your hair down and shake your thang. The Electric Circus is a brilliant place to do so.
On the menu tonight:
Starter – The Rich: Edinburgh Rockers
Main Course – Dune Rats: Awesome Australian Stoner Pop

To wet our appetite, The Rich rock up to the stage and make it theirs. We are greeted with “Hello guys, how you doing?” (Audience interaction: tick). They are fucking awesome! With a good drum beat behind them and some remarkable vocals, these guys are amazing. They also have pretty good stage banter and at one point the drummer gets a drink delivery. Their music interchanges between loud and heavy, to showing their softer side.
Imagine rock, jazz and pop had a baby and this is The Rich. Sugar and Salt mixed together with sweat. Fucking brilliant!

The Rich at Electric Circus. The Rich…

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Live Review: SeaOfCrowns, Little Kingdom and Edgar. @ The Electric Circus 12/02/15

Words: The Captain

It’s a chilly Thursday evening and I’m at another gig, armed with a notepad, pen and a pint of coke. First up are Edgar., a three piece hardcore pop band from Preswick (near Glasgow). They are an up-beat trio of awesomeness, with amazing stage presence. Lead singer/keyboardist Stuart greets everyone with a “Hi everybody!” (please read that bit in the voice of “Dr. Nick” from The Simpsons because that’s EXACTLY how it sounded). It’s the kind of music that makes your feet tap of their own accord and you have the urge to jump about and dance like there’s no tomorrow. One song that particularly caught my eye (or rather my ears) was “Saturday”, a lovely mix of a slow and soft, to loud and hard (get your minds out of the gutter people!).  They finish their set with “Marzipan” and as Stuart tells us it “features a section where you can dance and a section where you can kick the shit out of each other, to prepare you for SeaOfCrowns”. Each song grabs my attention and they are definitely a band to look out for.


Next up are Little Kingdom, a folk/pop band from Edinburgh. They grab the attention of my ears immediately, as I grew up with folk music all around me and play folk music myself. The mix of electric guitar with fiddle, acoustic guitar with keys, drums and bass is music to my ears.  The fact that they had free cake was pretty cool too. Kudos to the cake maker! It was very yummy! But, of course, this isn’t a review of how nice the cake was, but how great their music was. Their single “Yesteryear” (the artwork of which also featured on the cake) is simply amazing. Think traditional folk music crossed with modern pop music, with a wee bit of jazz thrown into the mix.
You can hear it here:


Now, SeaOfCrowns, the headliners we’ve been waiting for, take to the stage. At this point, the venue is quite packed full of people eager to hear what they have to offer us. We are not disappointed. They are a perfectly put together, tight knit band. With heavy riffs and awesomely loud vocals, the boys power through their brilliantly thought out set. One song, which I unfortunately didn’t catch the name of, started off a little bit softer than the others, which made me smile. It’s like someone letting their guard down for one moment, taking away the hard shell, to show the soft side to them, like a Wagon Wheel biscuit.

You can listen to, and watch the video for their song “We’ll All Learn” here:

Live Review: Young Kato, Pixel Fix, Indigo Velvet @ Electric Circus, Edinburgh 29/04/14


Through The Wire Music

Words: Leah Curtis.

It’s a nice, sunny Tuesday evening in Edinburgh and as I arrive at The Electric Circus, I am greeted by a queue of people. This surprised me as queues are quite unusual in Edinburgh. However, it somehow states the popularity of the line-up. Once the doors open, for the people to flood in, the venue seems quite full. My usual place at the bar has been taken, so I find a wee table at the back. There seems to be quite a buzz, and as Indigo Velvet take to the stage, I can see why. The local boys don’t give an intro, but it seems as if they don’t need one. The lead singer tries to get the crowd going and closer to the stage by saying “come on, come down, you’re gonna have a good time”. The first song gives a real kick and an idea…

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Vukovi w/ A Plastic Rose @ The Electric Circus, Edinburgh 14/04/14


Through The Wire Music

Words: Leah Curtis

It’s a Monday night in Edinburgh and a small crowd eagerly awaits some delicious live music. Just before 8, A Plastic Rose take to the stage to curb our hunger. They simply tune their instruments and go. A heavy start with driven guitars makes you think “when are they going to start smashing stuff up?”

Imagine that Green Day and Biffy Clyro had four fully grown babies. You’re not imagining hard enough! Ah that’s better! Well, this is what they would sound like, the kind of punk-rock sweetness that tickles your eardrums. Vukovi ~Tour Dates

After the first two songs, which ran into another, they pause for a wee bit of banter and introduce themselves. We find out they are from Belfast and the lead singer tells the audience thank you for coming out on a Tuesday night. People correct him that it’s actually still only Monday (boooo!) and he…

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Eliza and the Bear, Luke Sital-Singh, Farewell J.R and Annie Eve @ Electric Circus, Edinburgh 04/03/14

I also write for THROUGH THE WIRE MUSIC. Here is my first review from March.

Through The Wire Music

Words: Leah Curtis

A light misty rain is settling upon the streets of Edinburgh and inside the Electric Circus, there is no rain in sight, but a small crowd eagerly awaiting the first act. Annie Eve starts the evening off with a quiet, but sweet ambience. The usual band mix of a drum kit, bass, electric and acoustic guitar is jazzed just that wee bit with an accordion. It’s the kind of country/folk music that is so perfectly and quietly executed that it takes your breath away. It made me want to get up and waltz in the middle of the floor. The dual female vocals also give it that extra dash of pizazz. Her lack of talking keeps a kind of innocence about it all, less breaks in the music and with the songs gracefully fitting together to give an amazing set.
As one set ends and the interval…

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