Live Review: Snide Rhythms, May He Go, Two Wrongs @ The Electric Circus 19/05/15

Words: The Captain

Once upon a time, in a city not so far away, a small crowd gathers at a venue. The city in question is *drum roll* EDINBURGH! Well done, if you got it right, you can have a Bucky Bomb!

The bill tonight looks so simply delicious, so when two-piece instrumental band Two Wrongs take to the stage, my eyes (and ears) and so, so ready.
Think of a bag of Revels (yes, even the coffee ones, I really like them) and imagine closing your eyes and delving in. You never know what you’re going to get. Two Wrongs are like a musical bag of Revels, and it’s fucking brilliant! With just drums and guitar, they manage to fill the whole room with music that can be jazzy and smooth one minute and then groovy and rocky the next (throw in a hint of surfer music whilst you’re at it). Throughout their set they are perfectly in time, perfectly melodic and perfectly awesome.

They don’t have anything online yet, but you can follow their antics on Facebook (just click the bold “Two Wrongs” above) or on Twitter:

Now for May He Go, a three piece instrumental band, with a few backing tracks and a heavy rock backing thrown in. These guys are super, duper, major awesome (like the musical equivalent of the feeling you get after eating your favourite kind of ice cream). Rocky, yet mystic, with a few vocals thrown in at times for good measure, these three wonderful people make beautiful music. It not only fills the room, but bounces off the wall creating a wall of sound that is so bloody fantabulous. There was a slight technical hitch towards the end of their set, where the laptop playing the backing tracks decided it had had enough and wanted to bugger off, but despite this, they carried on playing like nothing had happened.

If you would like to see them live, they are supporting Mt.Doubt at The Mash House (Edinburgh) on the 30th of May.


They start off sounding quite, as Dr. Who would put it, “wibbly-wobbly-timey-whimey”. Sort of alien-ish, synth-y awesomeness. Then… suddenly punk takes over and the leader singer is shouting at us (it’s a good kind of shouty and he has good dance moves so we’re all good). After a song called “HMS Junkie” they proceed to thank the other bands for playing, thank Angus for organising it, and thank The Electric Circus’ in-house sound tech Joe for well, I think you can guess.

They end with an instrumental selection of jazzy, rocky and synth-y music, with the lead singer leaving the stage first, followed by the guitarist. Now there is only the bassist and drummer left, who finish on with a very quiet bang. Then comes the silence, which everyone knows to mean “get oot, we’re closing”.