Vukovi w/ A Plastic Rose @ The Electric Circus, Edinburgh 14/04/14


Through The Wire Music

Words: Leah Curtis

It’s a Monday night in Edinburgh and a small crowd eagerly awaits some delicious live music. Just before 8, A Plastic Rose take to the stage to curb our hunger. They simply tune their instruments and go. A heavy start with driven guitars makes you think “when are they going to start smashing stuff up?”

Imagine that Green Day and Biffy Clyro had four fully grown babies. You’re not imagining hard enough! Ah that’s better! Well, this is what they would sound like, the kind of punk-rock sweetness that tickles your eardrums. Vukovi ~Tour Dates

After the first two songs, which ran into another, they pause for a wee bit of banter and introduce themselves. We find out they are from Belfast and the lead singer tells the audience thank you for coming out on a Tuesday night. People correct him that it’s actually still only Monday (boooo!) and he…

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