The Passing Sages – Crisis on the Dancefloor

We’re finally in March! Somehow January lasted 2 years and then February was over before it started. The sun is starting to shine more, and things are starting to grow again. I couldn’t think of a better song to get us in the mood for longer, brighter and warmer days.

‘Crisis on the Dancefloor’ from Fife band The Passing Sages is groovy AF (I’ll explain next time I see you what AF means mum).

With a strong start, electro beat, paired with elements of disco and soul, this song gets your feet (or wings) tapping along. I’ve played it so often that Spotify is definitely going to add it to my ‘On Repeat’ playlist.

The vocals pair perfectly with the track, and both vocalists have their own unique sound, which works beautifully. It’s funky, it’s fresh, and I can imagine it will sound FANTASTIC live. (Hint hint please come to Newcastle). You NEED this on your playlist (yes the multiple capitals are very necessary).


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