Harley & The Wolf – Youthful Souls

Let me start by saying, that I’ve been very excited to write this review! And, as the first E.P review of the year, I couldn’t think of a better one to kick it off.

As a ‘former’ emo (I say former, because a small part of me still is, and black is a major staple in my wardrobe), this E.P. makes my ears and heart VERY happy. The riffs are fab, and the stories that the songs tell are beautifully vocalised. Hamish and I had a little mosh in the living room to it (although a 2 creature mosh pit isn’t too exciting). You can tell that the band have years of experience between them, and to top it off:
“This EP has been a decade in the making. To finally be able to put it out and share it with the world is something we’re incredibly excited about, these songs mean a lot to us and we can’t wait for people to hear them!”
Harley & The Wolf

As you all know, my reviews are short and sweet. So in short:
– I love this E.P.
– It makes me happy.
– You need to listen to it ASAP, like right now. If you’re on a Teams call, make your whole team listen to it.
– Go and follow/like/stream the hell out of this E.P.

See you in the pit!


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