The Captainskydiver Adventskranz Part 4:

E.P Review –
….I guess this is progress by Felix Saunders

It’s now the 20th of December, with means Sandra and Rudolphina (yes, all of ‘Santas’ Reindeer are actually women) are coming in just 4 days! I know this has been a really strange year for everyone, let’s hope that 2021 is a wee bit better, ey?

However, we have been treated to a sneak preview of Felix Saunder’s upcoming E.P “….I guess this is progress” and WOW! It is fabulous.

Soft vocals, mixed with whimsical instrumentation make for lovely listening. I’m getting a ‘Of Monsters and Men’ vibes from it, and I love it. The one that really jumps out at it me is ‘The King of Nothing’ which I can totally see being used in a TV show for a montage of events, the first show that pops into my head is ‘Sons of Anarchy’. It’s such a damn good song. Which is good for you lot, as it just happens to be the single from this Album, so you get to listen to it rather soon!

However, the whole E.P. is marvellous, and well worth a listen. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you once they’re both out. And by remind, I mean that I’ll do a keyboard smash style tweet.

The single ‘The King of Nothing’ will be released on the 5th of February, with the full Album following on the 15th of February. It’ll be available on all the usual platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc).

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