The Captainskydiver Adventskranz Part 3:

E.P Review –
Bare by Lana Wild

Ho ho ho! Bugger, it’s already the 13th of December! That means that Sandra is coming in only 11 days!
(No, that’s not a typo, when I was little, I thought that ‘Sandra Claus’ brought the presents).

Some of you may notice that we’ve already reviewed this E.P. This is correct, however, we decided that it needed posting again, because it’s so blooming good (and we love Lana).

Lana’s Debut E.P. definitely packs a punch. The E.P was intended to be about the songs, not the production, so it “feels live and raw which is the way [they] wanted it!”.

The 4 songs on the E.P. are f*****g fabulous. They are raw, emotional and beautiful. However, I’d say my favourite song of the E.P is “Beginnings & Endings”. Lana is an amazing songwriter, performer and human, and this really shows in her Debut E.P.

Lana wrote this record as a “short window into my life leading up to coming out as transgender – so to be able to put it out, perform it and reach other people who are like me means a tremendous amount. This record is for me, but also for the people who need to hear it.”

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