The Captainskydiver Adventskranz Part 2:

Single Review –
Upside Down by Cannon Beach

Hello December! It’s blooming freezing, but at least we’re all locked inside, right?

This week we have part 2 of the Musical Adventskranz, and boy is it a cracker! (Pun may or may not be intended).

Genre: Alt-Rock

Let me start my saying that as soon as the beat hit on this song, my inner emo screamed with delight (told you it wasn’t just a phase mum).
I’m not going to lie, as I wrote this review, the song was on on repeat in the background and I may have taken several bopping breaks. It is an absolute smashing song, and I’m sure Spotify will now add it to my ‘on repeat’ playlist.

What I really like about this song is that it combines 80’s synth beat with that oh so wonderful emo theme, that creates this amazing sound. What I love, is that the band are trying to remind us to do what we love, and surround ourselves with wonderful people. The lyric that really resonates with me is “I’m not afraid anymore”, showing us that no matter what happens to us, we will get out the other side in one piece, and we are not alone, which we 100% need to hear in the đź’©show that is 2020.

“Where can I listen to this fantastic track?” I hear you cry, well look no further than below!

Lyric Video

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