E.P Review: East Teen Salazar by AVU

Words: The Captain

Photo: Provided by AVU


This is AVU. I saw them a few weeks back a Macmillan Charity gig in The Mash House (Edinburgh). As soon as the first note warbled out of the speakers, I instantly knew I wanted to review their music, so I approached them after their set. A few weeks later, here we are!

If you’ve read my previous reviews, you’ll know I do have a SLIGHT liking for instrumental music. By slight I mean on par with chocolate, which I maybe like a little too much sometimes. BUT… that’s not the point. The point is instrumental music speaks to me as you are allowed to interpret what the song may mean to you, no one is saying “this song is about this particular thing”.

However, AVU’s music is very different from all of the instrumental/post progressive instrumental rock I’ve ever heard. It seems to take on a more weird, yet just as wonderful, turn. I kind of feel like I’m floating through space, with lots of things flying past me, yet I am all alone facing whatever is coming. It’s certainly a very good E.P and if you like something different and slightly “not too mainstream”, then this is the E.P for you! If that’s not enough to entice you, then let me tell you this:
If you like dogs then you need this album. There is a song called dogs in which dogs feature. I felt like that last bit had to be in bold, just to show how awesome it is.

You can find them on all the following sites:

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