Live Review: Roy’s Iron DNA @ Opium, Edinburgh 26/04/14


Through The Wire Music

Words: Leah Curtis.

It’s a Saturday night in Edinburgh and I’m sitting in one of my favourite watering holes, “Opium”. There’s a small crowd of us sat/stood around waiting for the band to appear and dazzle us with their musical talent. At around 8:45 this happens. Roy’s Iron DNA get up and start. No introduction. This is good because an introduction would have spoilt their first piece, which is one of certain ambience. It’s quiet with a nice beat that isn’t too loud, yet also isn’t too soft. No drums yet, but two synths, a guitar and a bass supply everything our ear drums want and need. A few backing vocals are added into the cake mix of live music, which are then looped. They also do something that I personally love. They add in some samples of people talking (I assume it’s from a film of sorts) which gives…

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