E.P Review: The Quiet Terror of Being Alive by Our Smallest Adventures


Our Smallest Adventures are a Post-Rock band from Kirkcaldy. This is their second E.P.

First things first, I love and I mean LOVE instrumental music. When I was asked to review this E.P and I first listened to it, I immediately fell in love. The reason for this is that it’s so much easier to feel the music when no-one is singing over the top, trying to put their picture into your mind. With instrumental music, YOU are the writer for the story, no-one can tell you “that’s not what they want to convey” because you interpret it however you wish. The music from OSA makes you feel. It makes you close your eyes and feel the music surround you. With heavy guitars and bass, drums that sound like the waves are crashing in a storm (that’s good by the way) vs. the beautiful cello and piano layered over the top you can’t help but feel you are part of the music.

With instrumental music, it’s often quite hard to make sure that every song doesn’t sound exactly the same. OSA don’t have this problem, every single song on this E.P has its own image in my mind. Portrays and means something different.The audible range on these songs is so different, sometimes so loud that my windows rattle (sorry people who live on my floor) and sometimes are so quiet, I have to turn my speakers up even louder. This is, in my opinion, perfect/smashing/hell yeah amazing.

It’s incredibly hard to pick a favourite from the 5 tracks on the E.P, so I’m just going to say ALL OF THEM! Simply because every single song is beautiful, amazing  and mind-blowing. Check them out on the sites below and listen to this E.P, it’ll be the best thing you do today, believe me.