E.P Review: Buzzards of Babylon (EP) by Buzzards of Babylon

Words: The Captain


When a band has “the sound that emanates from disapproving beach goers when spaniels are kicked in the neck by Vikings” as their band description, you know you’re about to get something loud and something that might scare your neighbours. Although, if your neighbours don’t like this, then screw them, because this EP is a piece of heavy musical art! It’s loud, it’s a wall of (very awesome) sound and it sounds like something you could get sweaty to if you saw them live. You know, the kind of pits where someone manages to come out wearing their shoes on their nose.

This EP is schweeeeeeeet af and you should make a point of checking it out. You may even want to go and see them live, because I know they’d love that. Buy them a pint too, they deserve it!

You can see them live in Dundee on Wednesday, 25th May, check out their Facebook for more details.