Single Review: Suneaters by L-Space

Words: The Captain

Photo: Jannica Honey 


It’s a Sunday afternoon and I’m sat on my sofa eating copious amounts of Pringles (standard) whilst listening to L-Space’s latest single “Suneaters”. It’s their first single to be released via the label Last Night From Glasgow.

First of all, a MASSIVE congrats to the band for getting signed to a label who fell in love with them after hearing their song “Space Junk” [See our review here].

If you’ve read my reviews before you know that I’ve reviewed them a few times before and I am DEFINITELY a fan. This new single is no different. It’s all about a better future, which I think we all dream of in the current climate.

I am a huge fan of ambient music AND post-progressive instrumental rock, so this song really strikes a chord (no pun intended) with me. The combination of slow synths, mixed with piano and beautifully soothing vocals draw you into the song. Suddenly it changes, those components are still there, but there’s a bit more of a beat to it. Suddenly, a dramatic change, the guitars kick in and drive the song to its climax until they fade away into the black. This amazing single also comes with two (yes TWO) B-Sides about comets and living outside time.

It is a truly breathtaking and mesmerizing piece of work from such talented and wonderful musicians.

You can get it/listen to it here:

Spotify // BandCamp 

Their album will be coming out on vinyl in September and they have a second single scheduled for May, so we don’t have to wait too long to hear what they have next for us. Yay! 


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Single Review: Space Junk by L-Space

Words: The Captain

Photo: Gail Watt (The Woozle)


I first saw L-Space as a support for Eyre Llew back in March and I really liked them, so when I was approached by the band to review their new single, I was rather elated.

As I said when I reviewed them live: “Think if Doctor Who and Red Dwarf got together and made a band, this would be it”. I still stand by that statement. It helps that I am an avid Doctor Who fan and also think Red Dwarf is pretty cool (I’m gonna eat you little fishy, I’m gonna eat you little fissssssssh!).

Judging by the name of this track, the other tracks I’ve heard and their stage talk, they LOVE space and this certainly comes across in this track. “Space Junk” is all kinds of weird and wonderful, with the emphasis on the latter. When I listen to it, I feel like I’m floating about in some kind of disco bubble in space and I’m having a party with other people who bounce by in their own disco bubbles and everyone is having a great time.

The synths emanating from my speakers (alongside the sweet, yet ever so slightly and nicely distorted vocals) make my room feel like that bubble I mentioned just before. This track is super cool and I urge you to listen to it, along with their other stuff. If you like what you hear, or think “that sounds so utterly amazingly cool I have to hear it on stage NOWWWWW!”, then you don’t have to wait too long! Here is a list of their next few dates, they’re going to be very busy!

  • The Flying Duck, Glasgow – 27th July,
  • MugStock,  Mugdock Country Park – 29th July (Chameleon Stage @ 13:40 & Oxjam Stage @ 15:15)
  • Merchant City Festival @ Tron Theatre, Glasgow – 30th July (with Fox Star Records) 
  • Opium, Edinburgh – 13th of August. 

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