E.P Review: Tiberius (EP) by Tiberius  

Words: The Captain


Make some room, because you don’t want to injure anyone with your headbanging. This 4 track E.P from Tiberius is pretty damn awesome. Heavy riffs and sweet vocals make this E.P something to love and you may want to consult your dentist after indulging in this amazing masterpiece. The track titles are also tasty as hell:

  1. Vultures [I mean they’re pretty cool, as well as terrifying creatures]
  2. Owls and Hexcodes [If you haven’t noticed, we’re partial to owls and hexcodes are awesome too]
  3. Counting Sheep [for when you can’t sleep, just make sure they don’t crash into anything]
  4. Sermon Engine [just damn cool]

In short, GO LISTEN NOW… please

Over ‘n’ out!

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