Live Review: Cousin Kenny, Annie Booth (Band), The Micro Band and Unkeepable @ Teviot Underground 26/03/15

Words: The Captain

Thursday night, gonna take ya to the top…pretty baby (okay it’s not Saturday, but who gives a monkeys?). This is the penultimate Teviot Underground band night before the summer break (booooo!) and four acts are to grace our presence this evening.

First comes the lovely Unkeepable. He gets on stage, grabs his guitar and introduces himself “My name’s Steve & I’m gonna play a few songs” (Steve is his real person name). Straight away, I am drawn to his voice and guitar playing skills. His voice has a gruffness to it, but also a sweetness. I am particularly drawn to his song “Pedestal”. It’s beautiful, it’s amazing, and it’s wonderful. He sounds a wee bit like Ed Sheeran, but with a twist. He is definitely worth a listen and a like!

Favourite Song: Pedestal


Next are the relatively new, but no less lovely The Micro Band. With 3 vocals and 7 members in total, these guys are #awesome. Upbeat, funky and feet tappingly good. Imagine the Powerpuff Girl’s dad when he’s creating them, only he adds: Jazz, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Funk into the mix and 7 awesome people pop out. Being still quite new, they haven’t got any music online yet, so all the more reason to go and check them out live to see and hear for yourself how awesome they are!


Eeeeep! Now it’s time for the gorgeous Annie Booth, accompanied by her band. Her voice is beautiful and her talent is flawless. I have seen her before, but not with a band, so I was interested to see (or rather hear) what she sounded like. It was simply amazing. Her set is short, but so, so sweet. For her final song, her band mates leave the stage, leaving her to play us out of her set on her own.

Favourite Song: Song For Him


Finally, Cousin Kenny hit the stage. With a good beat and a rock ‘n’ roll riff, these guys are a great headliner. They are a tight band, each knowing exactly what they are to do. Strong vocals make them explosively good. Unfortunately, I only caught their first few songs because busses are shit and I had to run for my last one. Ho hum!

Favourite Song: You’re so Cool


The FINAL Thursday’s at Teviot Underground band night before the summer break consists of:
The Warehouse Announcement,
Robert, Knox and Wize
Event Link:

Live Review: Lyndsey Craig, The Hecklers and Ryan Morcombe @ Teviot Underground 19/03/15

Words: The Captain It’s a Thursday evening, it’s just past 9:15 and I’m at Teviot Underground for another one of the fabulous weekly FREE gigs. First, we are treated to the wonderful Ryan Morcombe. The stage may be small, and he may be on his own, but he takes the stage and owns it. His vocals are strong and his guitar playing impeccable. With a harmonica thrown into the mix, his music is a mixture of country mixed with a wee bit of rock and roll. Favourite Track: “Help Me Pull Through” Twitter: Soundcloud: rm Next come The Hecklers, who hail from Linlithgow. These guys rock the stage and the crowd seem to love them. Everyone is on their feet and dancing along to their sweet tunes. I can feel my own feet tapping of their own accord. These guys are definitely something to keep your eyes and ears open for. Their music is upbeat, it’s rocky, it’s jazzy, to put it simply, it’s fucking brilliant. Favourite Track: Brand New Twitter: Soundcloud: th Last, but certainly not least, the beautiful Lyndsey Craig takes to the stage. This is the first time I’ve heard her live with a full band, so I’m certainly excited. Within the first 5 seconds of the first song, I am not disappointed. The band is tight and everything fits together perfectly. The crowd is happy, the band is rocking away and Lyndsey’s beautiful vocals make it an amazing experience. About half-way through her set, the band leave the stage for a wee bit and Lyndsey plays solo. Her voice really comes out in the song “Kids” and it’s simply exquisite. At the request of the crowd, she sings “Blue Jays” the first single she released last year. The crowd go wild for this, singing along and dancing. The band then re-join her to play the last song of the night “Dynamite”, the new single being released tonight. You can buy “Dynamite” here: Twitter: lc lc2 Thursdays at Teviot Underground only have 2 shows left until they finish up foe the summer! TONIGHT: 26/03/15 —> Cousin Kenny w/ Annie Booth (Band), The Mirco Band and Unkeepable NEXT WEEK: 02/04/15 —> The Warehouse Announcement w/ Ordinary Son and Robert, Knox and Wize

Live Review: Universal Thee, Colour Trap and Joe Allan @ Teviot Underground 15/01/15

Words: The Captain

It’s a Thursday night in Edinburgh and the weather, quite frankly, is naff, so what better place to be than indoors at a free, yes FREE gig? This is my first gig of 2015, so I’m very excited. It’s also the first gig of 2015 for Thursday’s at Teviot Underground. This week 3 acts are to grace our presence and it’s going to be awesome!

First up is Joe Allan, a Journalism student in Edinburgh and originally from Newcastle. He introduces himself quickly (“I’m Joe and I’m going to play some songs”) and then he begins. I am immediately struck by how he, on his own, makes the stage his and I am mesmerised by his voice. It is soft, with has a certain edge to it. This combined with soft and melodic string plucking of his guitar is simply beautiful, hauntingly beautiful even. When you close your eyes, the music and lyrics swim around you softly, dreamlike. His E.P “The City Ate My Brains” is available on Bandcamp for free.
Favourite track: “Youngster”.

Next come Colour Trap, a local band. They seem to have a good mix of many genres (rock, indie, psychedelic) and they remind me a wee of R.E.M, a band I was brought up listening to and whose music lifts my mood up (note to the CT guys, this means your music is awesome too!). Whilst introducing themselves, they comment on the weather (how very British!), with the words “you’ll be able to see yer nipples by the end of it”. (10/10 for comedy value guys!). They have a great stage presence and are definitely worth seeing!
Favourite Track: “All My Friends”.


Now… UNIVERSAL THEE, one of my favourite Edinburgh bands. This is the first time I have seen them with their new drummer and the first time I have heard their new material live. I am not disappointed. Every song is executed perfectly. The have that awesome indie/rock mix. They are loud. They are fun. They are awesome. They introduce each song, which is good and indeed makes us remember them more. If you want to see them live soon, they are playing a number of dates over the next couple of months:
07.02.15 – Kitty O’Shea’s, Glasgow
13.02.15 – Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
26.03.15 – Monty’s, Dunfermline
27.03.15 – Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow
28.03.15 – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh
04.04.15 – The Green Room, Perth
Favourite Track: “Tiger Tiger”.

A Badge of Friendship:

Thursday’s at Teviot Underground is EVERY Thursday, it’s ALWAYS free and doors are at 9pm.
Below are the next few dates:
January 22nd: Aperture w/ The Draynes and Let Love Rule
January 29th: The Rich w/ The Indos and Peacock Massive!
February 5th: The Vibe w/ Ayakara and Calum Baird February
12th: Academy Strangers w/ Distant Sun (more tba)
February 19th: Logan’s Close w/ Soufon Fang and Rhythm Beats Workin’
February 26th: GoodCopGreatCop w/ Earths and Monsters on Movie Posters