Single Review: The Girl From Dundee by Amy Lou


(Photo Credit: Hannah Findlay)

The new single from Amy Lou is simply fabulous! Amy’s vocals are soft and sweet, layered over beautiful flowing music, and what sounds like a Glockenspiel which is super awesome. Amy reminds me a bit of Lucy Spraggan with this single, armed with her acoustic guitar and a set of clever, charming lyrics. The song is perfect to sit down and listen to on repeat. I’ve been humming this song for days on end now, apologies to everyone on my floor, you know you love it!

The Girl From Dundee is out TODAY! Happy December! 🎄🎄🎄

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You can listen to/buy the single here:


Single Review: Love Her by The Holy Smokes


The Holy Smokes are back with a very short but super sweet single. Not like chocolate sweet, but more like a super awesome Ric Flair “WOOOOOO!” sweet. This single seems to follow on perfectly from the songs on their debut E.P No Romance. It’s fast paced, with gravely and raw vocals layered fabulously over the top. They seem to have their own style nailed which, to me, makes them stand out from other grassroots artists I’ve heard recently. Even though there’s only two members of this act, there seems to be nothing missing. Everything sounds amazing. It’s out today AND you can download it for free on their BandCamp, nice one lads!

Check them out on the following sites and have a gander at the super-awesome-fantastic-ticketyboo-handmade video. I can assure you you WON’T regret it!

Single Review: Tuesday Night by Amy Lou

Words: The Captain


Tuesday Night is the the gorgeous debut single from singer/songwriter Amy Lou.

The distinctly Scottish vocals are just like honey and the soft acoustic guitar that accompanies them just seals the deal for me. This track is simply beautiful and an amazing choice for a debut single.

Her next single “Marine Biologist” is out tomorrow.

Stream below: